My name is Marie Andre I was born on a sunny morning in December in Isaïe Jeanty (Chancerelles), Haiti a beautiful hospital next to the countryside, back then it was.

At one year old I was with my father Which was a voodoo priest he did believe in education after my first initiation at the age of 6 he sent me to a Catholic School sisters of La Sagesse, that was a very respectful school, but in secrecy regarding my father’s practice. After my initiation I went to live with my mom who was retailer and she doesn’t practice. But I was always excited to go and spent time with my father anytime it was possible and for summer break, by the age of 8 spirits started mounted my little body to bring messages, from the time of my first initiation I don’t remember much of the rituals. I went to live with my brother and sisters with my mother.

Manbo Marie

Voodoo Priestess

I finished junior high and go to started high school before completed my years I moved to the United States in my teen.from there I went to South Shore high school and was too busy with life , had my son and started college , after I opened few stores in New Jersey without success and became successful in the insurance business from 1995 to 2000 from those periods I want to convince myself I don’t know anything about voodoo,I want to put everything behind me, oh boy I was so wrong. I build a life a great one from 1995 to 2009 I never imagine I was coming back, I went to see my father in 1989 before he passed away he told you are the next priestess, of course I ignored him I didn’t even live in Haiti, he was weak and diying, I left a week later he died I went back for the funeral 1989 and that was it for me, I thought it was over with voodoo, nope I was very wrong .

I started to revisit in 2004,05, in 07 I felt the thirst to talk to the spirit of my dead father , in voodoo we can do that and ask the deads questions because inside I didn’t have no peace, I felt miserable back then, we made the ceremony to call him, at that ceremony he asked me to finish what he started as of my first initiation as a toddler I accept to initiated as a high priestess, after my initiation it was amazing change spiritually, the connection with the spirits and nature. I should know better because our lineage and the house is been over a century, my father himself practice for over half century, he died at 87 but he had me in his fifties.I am still practicing, I spent a lot of times in Haiti due to the easy setting as the spirits concern.