There is no problem too big or too small for Voodoo. As an ancient tradition, Voodoo can tackle the mundane to the grand when it comes to life’s issues. Thousands of people worldwide use Voodoo for love and romance – with spectacular results! Voodoo spells not only work faster than other occult or magical tradition, they also work better and longer. Voodoo is more powerful because there are no limitations with this type of magic, which is why everything is possible. Ultimately Voodoo is very person-oriented, meaning that it is specifically designed to help you, as a human being, with the issues you experience in life.People from all walks of life – including teachers, doctors, and judges – use Voodoo to help them succeed in their personal lives and excel in their careers! It is becoming increasingly common to find reliance upon this ancient tradition in daily modern life. And this is because time and time again people see that Voodoo spells really work. The results of the practice speak for themselves and people who try real Voodoo are always pleased with the outcome.

Voodoo Queen recommends custom spellwork for anyone dealing with an issue close to the heart or struggling with an unresolved problem. Designing a spell to your specific desires and situation increases its power and performance, so that the issues most important to you are sent directly to the Spirits. Manbo Marie’s custom spells (wanga) are done in love and light with. As a Spiritual Practitioner, her spells will never cause harm to anyone, nor will interfere with free will. During custom spellwork, information about the issue you are dealing with and the resolution you are seeking allows her to create a personalized spell just for YOU. The information you provide to her, combined with the appropriate magical elements and rituals that she uses in her spells will creates a force field of powerful positive energy in your favor.

Some examples of custom spellwork that I offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Love: reconciliation, reunion, road opening between lovers, attracting a new partner, easing conflict between a couple, enhancing passion and intimacy.

  • Money: find a job, get a raise, open financial/career opportunities, attract success, get loans paid back, attract business partners or investors.

  • Cleansing/Healing: remove negativity and/or illness that has not been caused by Evil, bring peace, overcome anxiety/depression/nightmares.

  • Road Opening: unblock any area of your life, including love, relationships, career, business, luck, etc.

  • Psychic: enhance your psychic abilities, empower your connection with ancestors and spirit guides, receive visions/inspiration/messages from spirits, pass exams or tests, enhance creativity, overcome artists’ blocks.

  • Fertility: overcome difficulties conceiving a child, overcome difficulties during the adoption process.

  • Protection: block negativity and envy.

  • Hex-Breaking etc.

  • Home Protection/Home Cleansing: just as the protection and cleansing spells above, but for your home or business.

Please, provide Manbo Marie as much information as you can about the situation you are going through. The more information you add about your experience, the more detailed and specific your custom spell will be. As a professional spirtulal practitioner, she will make a unique spell that serves your needs, but she needs your help in understanding those needs. One client may need a custom love working, because he or she seeks a new partner, while another may need a custom love working to keep a marriage together. Each client and situation is handled with the utmost care and discretion and the corresponding spellwork is completely customized to the desired outcome, specific situation and specific person.